Toss them on a pan with some oil or butter, fry and savour them!


Let the tantalising flavours come through, as you bake these in an oven!


Pop them into your microwave & devour them… meat has never been this easy!

About Alf Farms

Good Food – Good Life

We, at Alf-farms, persevere to provide with only the best. We bring the freshest, most natural and flavourful meat to you, while ensuring that it is nutritious and lean!

100+ Fresh & healthy meat Products
Quality & Freshness Guaranteed!
Food Delivered Right To Your Doorstep!

Variety of products
Stores across India
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Why Choose Us

When we make our produce, we make it keeping YOU in mind. We want you to relish every bite, and we want you to want more! So subpar, poor taste, stale – these aren’t part of our vocabulary. Eat tasty, eat healthy, eat right, with us!

100% Fresh Cold Cuts

Each slice is processed and packaged in a manner that ensures that you get to eat the freshest possible meat.

Fast Free Delivery

With over 500 partners, retailers, butchers, caterers and delicatessens, it is absolutely necessary that we maintain, timely and free delivery.

Rich Experience

It is imperative for us that each consumer is satisfied and we aim to provide nothing but the best!

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